Assessments / expertise / material and product inspections / validation

Material inspections can be carried out either in Statech’s lab or directly on your premises. They range from simple quick tests to comprehensive laboratory measurements under controlled conditions.
All tests are accredited to ISO/IEC 17020.

The key services include:


Verification of standards-compliance

A proof of compliance creates confidence in your product. Materials, tools, machines, equipment, plants, etc. used in an ESD-protected zone must fulfill certain requirements. We test your products, point out any deficiencies and, if they meet all requirements, confirm your products’ conformity.


Characterization of materials and apparatus (expertise)

In the event of ambiguities or a legal dispute, we, as an independent body, test and assess individual ESD protection elements for standards-compliance and correct function.


Validation and verification

Machines, systems, ionizers, instrumentation, etc. require periodic validation. We can perform these either in our lab or on site.

The following measurements are possible:
  • Surface resistance
  • Volume resistance
  • Resistance to ground
  • System resistance
  • Walking test (Body voltage)
  • Triboelectric behavior of materials
  • Electrostatic fields
  • Decay time
  • Ion balance of ionizers