Technical consulting

Electrostatic phenomena occur in a wide range of industries:

The most frequent consequences are:

  • Damage of electronic components and assemblies
  • Soiling (contamination) through electrostatic dust build-up
  • Process malfunction through “adhering” products
  • Explosions in pyrotechnic areas
  • Discharge through people (unpleasant shocks when touching objects)

Expert consulting is the most reliable and cost-effective solution!

What you will get from our consultants:

    We ensure the conformance to all applicable standards and the effectiveness and completeness of your ESD protection measures.
    Our inspectors have the required know-how, saving your personnel the time and effort of a lengthy familiarization with standards and technical literature.
    Our expert advice helps you take the right decisions right from the start.


Practice-oriented ESD management documentation

  • We review the standards-compliance of your existing documents, such as the ESD control program plan, work and process instructions, forms, etc.

  • We analyze your processes and creat a standards-compliant ESD control program plan complete with the associated work and process instructions and required forms. All documents are drawn up in such a way that requirements can be adhered to in day-to-day operations with as little additional effort as possible.
    Our experience guarantees you a trouble-free practical implementation.