Target–performance comparison and pre-audit

Product.Nr.: Soll-Ist-Vergleich / Voraudit

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The procedures for a target–actual comparison and a preliminary audit are essentially the same; they differ only in their goal:
The target–performance comparison aims to determine general location conditions, whereby the customer can influence the scope; the pre-audit is a preliminary stage of a comprehensive audit, which is much more detailed and must strictly comply with applicable standards.

In both cases, the existing ESD protection is reviewed for standards-compliance, correct function, and completeness and any shortcomings are recorded.

All affected areas and work processes – from goods-in to dispatch – including the management documents and personnel training (level of employees’ knowledge) are considered and assessed.


  • Audit of administrative measures (management documents)
  • Inspection of existing ESD protection equipment (following the material flow)
This is followed by an initial, verbal summary of the results.

Finally, you receive the following documents:
  • A comprehensive report in the form of a checklist
  • A list of deviations with assessment and suggested priorities of corrective measures