ESD audit (ESD process audit)

Product.Nr.: ESD-Audit (ESD-Prozessaudit)

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product description

The ESD audit is comprehensive. It provides you with the evidence that, in your area, damage caused by ESD can be excluded with a high probability.

From the management documents through the existing ESD protection equipment to your employees’ behavior and ESD awareness, all processes are audited and inspected for standards-compliance, correct function, completeness, effectiveness and suitability according to IEC 61340-5-1 or ANSI/ESD S20.20.

  • Preparation
    First, all ESD-relevant management documents (administrative measures) are checked for standards-compliance.
  • ESD process audit
    Verification of the practical implementation of the ESD control program plan
  • Inspection of ESD protection equipment
    Checking of protective equipment by random measurements (following the material flow)
  • Final meeting
    Verbal summary of the results


Finally, you receive the following documents:
  • Audit report with requirements and recommendations
  • Inspection report with assessments
  • List of deviations with classification and correction priorities
  • Special inspection reports about individual key elements (by arrangement)
  • Certificate (depending on result of audit)


The condition of the ESD protection system must be reviewed periodically. The recertification audit is the same as the initial audit, although the scope of audit and inspection – and therefore also the costs – are reduced to an appropriate extent.