Engineering + Consultancy

Statech Systems AG offers comprehensive services in the field of electrostatics.

Combined with our extensive experience in the field, our participation in technical committees and our membership in the American EOS/ESD Association mean that we are always well informed about current trends and latest findings in the field of ESD and explosion protection.

Since 2006 Statech’s “Engineering + Consultancy” department is an

accredited inspection body for electrostatics and ESD protection.

This accreditation confirms our resource and process capability for performing inspections and audits according to the following standards:
  • IEC 61340-5-1 (incl. associated standards)
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 (incl. associated standards)
  • IEC 60079-32-2 (incl. associated standards)
  • EN 1081
Our ISO 17020 accreditation by Swiss accreditation body SAS is subject to international agreements, such as EA, IAF and the ILAC, and therefore recognized throughout the world.

For you, our official accreditation by the SAS means:

  • Reproducible, inspection and audit methods that are proven in practice and monitored by independent bodies
  • Clear, comprehensible inspection reports with well-grounded conclusions
  • Highly experienced inspectors and auditors and a proven four-eye principle for objective assessments
  • Employees that are committed to impartiality and confidentiality
  • A financially independent inspection body

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