Moisture shielding bags ESD / EMI

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product description

vacuumable and gassable

These metallized shielding bags reliably protect the electronic components inside from electrostatic and electromagnetic influences. By vacuuming or gassing, the stored components can be protected from corrosion for long periods of time.
This makes them particularly suitable for spare parts, which often have to be stored in storage for several years. Furthemore, the bags are characterized by very good weldability. They are marked with an ESD / EMI standard imprint and have a LOT number.

  • film thickness: 0.1mm
  • Surface resistance: <1E11Ω (IEC 61340-2-3)
  • electrostatic shielding: <20nJ (IEC 61340-4-8)
  • EMI shielding: >45dB
  • MVTR / WVTR: ≤0,002g/100in²/24h 
Special features:
  -corresponds to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033
  -vacuumable and gassable
  -no discharge of batteries