Dissipative desiccants

Product.Nr.: 06S-DES

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product description

Sachets with desiccant are included in packaging to keep packaged goods dry. They absorb residual moisture after the bag has been sealed as well as any moisture entering the bag during storage and transportation. Because the desiccant often comes in direct contact with components and assemblies, its ESD properties are especially important. The sachets are reusable and can simply be dried after each use.

Technical specifications (IEC 61340-5-1):

  • Surface resistance: <1E10Ω
  • Decay time (±1000V - ±100V): <2s
  • Triboelectric charge capacity: <100V

How many units of desiccant will I need?
Formula: Units = 0.011 x total area (in inches)

Example for a bag of size of 10“ x 20“:
10“ x 20“ x 2 sides = 400 x 0,011 = 4,5 Units

Result: The number of units needed is 4,5 per bag.

1 unit = 33g