Wrist strap and shoe tester "STATEST PERSONAL"

Product.Nr.: 13S4016_

Manufacturer: STS

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product description

The user friendly «STATEST PERSONAL» provides fast, reliable testing of wrist straps and ESD footwear according to IEC 61340-5-1. If the tested equipment fails the test, the device issues a visual and an acoustic warning and displays the cause of the fault.

In the "Shoe-to-Shoe" test mode, the resistance between the two shoe electrodes is measured and a potential-free contact, for example for controlling doors, is triggered. No manual operation is required.

Test modes:

  • Wriststrap test (750kΩ - 35MΩ)
  • Footwear test (100kΩ - 100MΩ)
  • Wriststrap and Footwear test
  • Shoe to Shoe test (200kΩ - 200MΩ)

Special features:

  • Potential-free contact for controlling doors, turnstiles, etc.
  • Counter for monitoring the number of performed tests (PASS / FAIL)
  • The measured value is displayed after the test 
  • User-defined test ranges possible (factory-set)
  • Lockable test mode
  • The unit can also be used to perform verification tests of ESD protective equipment. See option  "13S-4901-K.SP"