Charge Plate Monitor

Product.Nr.: 13S0012-CPM

  • weight 1 kg
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product description

The universal Charge Plate Monitor can be used to measure varios electrostatic potentials and fields. Different measuring heads, which can be mounted in a few simple steps, allow the following measurement modes:

  • Charge Plate Monitor
    for periodic checking of ionizers (discharge time and offset voltage) or for extended product qualification.
      -measurements: ±100V, ±400V, ±1000V, ±4000V
      -automatic test procedure for complete checking of ionizers
      -justable start & stop potential for discharge time measurement and adjustable time interval for offset voltage measurements
  • Contact Voltmeter
    with a special measuring head, virtually lossless contact volt measurements can be carried out on assemblies, machines or people. With the supplied hand-held electrode it is also possible to carry out compliance tests according to IEC 61340-4-5.
      -measurements: ±50V, ±200V, ±500V, ±2000V
  • Electrofieldmeter
      -measurements: ±5kV/m, ±20kV/m, ±50kV/m, ±200kV/m


Technical specifications:

  • memory function
  • analog output ±1V
  • RS232 interface
  • accuracy: ±2.5% (display) / ±5% (analog output)
  • input resistance: >1E15Ω
  • input capacities: 5pF (voltage probe) / 20pF (plate 152 x 152mm)
  • operating time on battery: ~4h
  • dimensions: 152 x 152 x 152mm
  • weight: 1kg

Delivery incl. special measuring head for contact volt measurements, hand electrode, test certificate, carrying case, software, cable and power supply.