AstraStat ESD type A, dissipative floor paint

Product.Nr.: 04S-AS-ESD-A

Manufacturer: STS

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product description

Floors with electrical dissipative properties meet a specific safety function.

The AstraStat ESD floor coating has been specially developed for use in following areas:

  • Electronics (ESD protection)
  • Chemistry and pyrotechnics (explosion protection)
  • Medical and microtechnology (protection against contamination, prevention of electrostatic attraction)

The PU coating is suitable for ISO class 5 cleanrooms. Further benefits are a good resistance to chemicals and a high abrasion resistance.

The AstraStat ESD coating has an excellent adhesion to mineral-based surfaces such as concrete, stone, cement and magnesite screed,
but also to metals and insulating substrates, such as epoxy resin, polyurethane, PVC (Novilon), linoleum and wood.
AstraStat ESD is also ideal for treating insufficiently conductive tiled surfaces or as permanent sealing finish for insulating tiled surfaces.
The electrical proprietes are long-lasting. Any damage to the coating can be cost-saving repaired by simply painting over the affected area.

The AstraStat ESD type A is a solvent based 2 components polyurethan coat.

The painting AstraStat has an excellent coverage. Their electrical proprietes are aging, temperature and humidity independent.
The resistance to ground is <1E7Ω (according to IEC 61340-5-1) and the body voltage during the walking test at <±10V
(according to IEC 61340-4-5). These values are far below of the standard requirements of IEC 61340-5-1 <1E9Ω, respectively ±100V.

Yield (approx. value): 5-6m²/kg (200g/m²)

Standard colors:
pebble grey ~RAL 7032, beige ~RAL 1001, light grey ~RAL 7035, silk grey ~RAL 7044, pigeon blue ~RAL 5014 (see color table).

In addition to the standard shades, most of the colors can be made in the approx. RAL tones.
Slight color deviations are due to the coloration of the conductive pigment. Not available are: transparent, white, yellow, louminous and signal colors.